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About Us

I am Sherlyn Noisette, an Elite A-Lister Consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. I joined the business after purchasing jewelry in support of a dear friend and quickly realized that the jewelry is beautiful, trendy and of extremely high quality. I took a leap of faith and joined the business. Soon after, I saw how this business changes lives and immediately began working hard; planning, strategizing, marketing, branding, stocking my in-home jewelry store, as well as building a team of business partners.

With consistent hard work and dedication to my business, and with the support of my husband who also works closely with me, I retired from my Corporate America job of 22 years, just 16 months after becoming an Independent Paparazzi Consultant.

I continue to train, motivate and encourage my team to aim for goals they thought were impossible to reach. I would love to have you join me!